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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 4

Problems and Prospects of Development of the Arctic Zone of Krasnoyarsk Krai

N. G. Shishatsky, E. A. Bryukhanova, A. M. Matveev
Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk
Keywords: Арктическая зона Красноярского края, стратегические приоритеты, механизмы реализации, горно-металлургические и нефтегазовые кластеры, Северный морской путь, комплексность развития, опорные зоны развития, Arctic zone of Krasnoyarsk Krai, strategic priorities, realization mechanisms, mining and metallurgical and oil and gas clusters, Northern Sea Route, complexity of development, basic zones of development

Abstract >>
The article shows the stages, prerequisites and potential of development of the Arctic zone of Krasnoyarsk Krai. We define the contours of perspective and potential industrial clusters, choice alternatives, scenarios and mechanisms of development of the considered region. It is shown that realization of program and target approach will provide creation of the developed competitive economic complex and high standards of life in the Arctic zone of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Strategic Development Concept for Russian Diamond and Cut Diamond Industry

L. A. Bezrukov
V. B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS, Irkutsk
Keywords: Тюменская и Красноярская Арктика, Северный морской путь (СМП), транспортное освоение и обслуживание, круглогодичные наземные пути, сезонные пути, завоз грузов, грузопоток, транзитные перевозки, Tyumen and Krasnoyarsk Arctic, Northeast Passage (NEP), transport development and maintenance, year-round land routes, season routes, cargo delivery, freight traffic, transit transport

Abstract >>
The paper considers the situation and development trends of the diamond and cut diamond industries in Russian and the world, and proves a necessity of applying a foresight analysis to build a development strategy for this industry.

Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter: ecological factor

V. G. Sibgatulin1, N. G. Shishatsky2
1NP ROPR Ecological Center
2Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk
Keywords: загрязнение атмосферного воздуха, экологическая модернизация, наилучшие доступные технологии, электролиз алюминия, региональная экономическая эффективность, Рollution of atmospheric air, ecological modernization, the best available technologies, aluminum electrolysis, regional economic efficiency

Abstract >>
The article considers a factors and parameters of impact of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter on the environment of the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is shown that, despite realization of large-scale measures for ecological modernization, the enterprise remains and, in the foreseeable future, will remain the largest pollutant of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Offers on decrease in negative ecological impact and increase in regional economic overall performance of the enterprise are made.

Liquefied Natural Gas in Australia

G. M. Poleshchuk
В«Investment group C.A.&Co» Ltd, Moscow
Keywords: сжиженный природный газ (СПГ), рынок СПГ, экспорт, импорт, спотовый рынок, контракт, Австралия, Liquefied natural gas (LNG), LNG market, export, import, spot market, contract, Australia

Abstract >>
The article examines the trends of development and current state of the LNG market in Australia, the relationship between the national and the world markets. Thepeculiarities of the LNG market are analyzed from the point of view of price formation and contract terms and its difference from the pipeline gas market. The LNG market is more maneuverable and diversified, is constantly changing, expanding and becomingmore sophisticated. It is shown that in conditions of the gas market monopolization, there is a need to regulate LNG supplies.

Russia on Spitsbergen: History of Studying, a Problem of Development of a Subsoil and Prospect on the Future

A. N. Evdokimov1, A. N. Sirotkin2, Ya. V. Kryukov3
1St. Petersburg Mining University
2the Polar sea prospecting expedition, Lomonosov
3Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, SB RAS, Novosibirsk
Keywords: Шпицберген, российское присутствие в Арктике, геологические исследования, экономика северных территорий, Норвегия, международное сотрудничество в Арктике, Spitsbergen, Russian presence in the Arctic, geological research, economy of the northern territories, Norway, international cooperation in the Arctic

Abstract >>
The little-known Russian territories with the official status of “own lands” are located On Spitsbergen (Svalbard). Here are several coal-fields in which development are engaged the state trust “Arktikugol” on the field Barentsburg and Norwegian “Sturre Norske” near Longiyerbyuen. Russia has done all range of geological researches of the archipelago in Soviet period, paying the mainattention to mapping and a research of reserves of minerals: coal, oil, phosphorites, polymetals, gold. However, the Norwegian administration of the archipelago in every possible way brakes a possibility of their further studying and development, putting forward ecological motives not of a possibility of conducting exploration works. While reserves of coal will be over the Russian presence on the archipelago can be developed in implementation of scientific programs conducted with the new Russian research center formed in Barentsburg in 2014.

Again about “the Struggle” with the Harvest or Where the Engine of the Russian Economy is Going

A. K. Tulokhonov
Baikal Institute of Nature Management SB RAS, Ulan-Ude
Keywords: экономика сельского хозяйства, продовольственная безопасность, сельскохозяйственная наука, государственная поддержка сельского хозяйства, Agriculture economics, food security, agricultural science, state support for agriculture

Abstract >>
The article defines the main aspects of the development of Russian agriculture. The analysis of the effectiveness of state support for agriculture was carried out. It is concluded that in a market economy, agricultural science can not exist without state support. It is emphasized that the main condition for the stability of the state structure of Russia in the new geopolitical and economic circumstances remains the task of preserving the potential of the rural population.

An Analysis of the Factors Determining the Difference in life Expectancy of Men and Women in Russian Regions

T. V. Kossova, E. V. Kossova, M. F. Sheluntcova
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Keywords: ожидаемая продолжительность жизни при рождении, смертность, потребление алкоголя, региональные различия, Россия, life expectancy at birth, mortality, alcohol consumption, regional differences, Russia

Abstract >>
The paper investigates regional differences in life expectancy at birth of women and men. We assume that gender gap in life expectancy is related to economic conditions in a region and the tendency to unhealthy lifestyles, particularly to alcohol consumption. We include into analysis mortality from external causes and mortality from respiratory diseases, since they are associated with alcohol abuse and smoking. Data source is the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia. Panel data analysis of 1990-2014 shows significant positive effect of alcohol consumption on the gender gap in life expectancy. Results confirm the importance of maintaining restrictive anti- alcohol measures in the country.

Considering Influence of the Investment Climate in the Regions on the Bond Market Development

N. V. Anokhin1, V. A. Karavaev1, S. E. Kolbin1, N. G. Protas2
1OJSC Moscow Exchange
2Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management
Keywords: облигации, потенциал рынка в региональном разрезе, привлечение инвестиций, инвестиционный климат, Bond, the market potential in the regional context, attracting investment, investment climate

Abstract >>
The article considers the methodological approaches to obtaining quantitative estimates of the impact factors of the quality of the investment climate on the regional bond market reaching its maximum capacity and its possible growth in the context of the Federal districts of the Russian Federation. The article further describes the construction of a mathematical model for studying the dynamics of the bond market, including the parameters of the influence factors of the investment climate for reaching its potential investment capacity in the regions. Quantitative assessment of influence parameters of the investment climate are obtained on the basis of regional rankings of the leading Russian analytical expert agencies. The article also presents the evaluation of the dynamics of the bond market in the regional context on the basis of the model computations. The conclusions about the possibility of the growth of the bond market in the Russian Federation and about the necessary measures to support the growth are made.

Harmonization of Strategic Documents in the Field of Budgeting and Investment Policy

S. V. Frumina
Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Keywords: бюджетная политика, налоговая политика, инвестиционная политика, стратегические документы, государственные программы, законодательство, Budget policy, tax policy, investment policy, strategic documents, state programs, legislation

Abstract >>
In the conditions of the modern economy, the issues of harmonization of normative legal documents are acute before the economic community. Some documents that regulate the implementation of the budgetary and investment policies of the Russian Federation are in need of improvement. Lack of coordination between official documents gives existing instruments of budgetary policy to contribute to improving the investment climate and stimulating business development. In this regard, the purpose of the article is to develop recommendations for legislation in the field of regulating the budget and investment policies of the Russian Federation.The research methodology based on methods of induction, deduction and comparative analysis. The main results of the work include the formulation of proposals on the harmonization of normative legal documents implemented at the level of the federation and its subjects. The proposals also cover the clarification of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of regulation of the state budget and investment policies.

Ecological problems of the Lake Baikal

V.I. Zorkaltsev1,2, A.N. Kuznetsova2, N.M. Sysoeva2,3,4
1Melentiev Energy Systems Institute Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2Irkutsk Scientific Center of Siberian Brunch of the Russian Academy of Science
3V.B.Sochava Institute of Geography of Siberian Brunch of the Russian Academy of Science
4Irkutsk State University
Keywords: экологические проблемы, Байкальская природная территория, экосистема озера Байкал, Еcological problems, Baikal natural territory, ecosystem of Lake Baikal

Abstract >>
Ecological problems of the Baikal natural territory, the existing difficulties in their solution are considered. Many problems result from the territorial and departmental disunity of the authorities involved in the development of the Baikal natural territory. The possibility of using the experience of the revival of the Great Lakes of North America is discussed. Particular attention is paid to the need to develop scientific researches of Bakal.

Collaboration as a Source of Business Model Transformation

N.A. Korolkova1, E.S. Vasiutina2
1Consulting Center LARIUM (CJSC)
2Russian State Social University
Keywords: коллаборация, коллаборативный проект, бизнес-модель, сотрудничество, стратегия win-win, сетевая модель, принцип вовлеченности, принцип совмещенности, Collaboration, collaborative project, business model, cooperation, win-win strategy, network model, principle of involvement, principle of combination activit

Abstract >>
In article influence of collaboration on development of different systems of the organization of activities is discussed. A research basis, the review the practicain of implementation of collaborations taking into account focus on changes of business models in different activity domains by comparison of international and Russian experience served. The main analysis results are determination of an entity of business models of a new formation, detection of the reasons of creation and backbone operating conditions of collaborations. An assessment of the key elements providing simultaneously stability and a possibility of expanded development of the system constructed on the basis of collaborative approach is given. The author’s opinion is stated of formation of the main tendencies. In the inference, relevant questions for continuation of perspective researches is raised.