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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 4

Collaboration as a Source of Business Model Transformation

N.A. Korolkova1, E.S. Vasiutina2
1Consulting Center LARIUM (CJSC)
2Russian State Social University
Keywords: коллаборация, коллаборативный проект, бизнес-модель, сотрудничество, стратегия win-win, сетевая модель, принцип вовлеченности, принцип совмещенности, Collaboration, collaborative project, business model, cooperation, win-win strategy, network model, principle of involvement, principle of combination activit


In article influence of collaboration on development of different systems of the organization of activities is discussed. A research basis, the review the practicain of implementation of collaborations taking into account focus on changes of business models in different activity domains by comparison of international and Russian experience served. The main analysis results are determination of an entity of business models of a new formation, detection of the reasons of creation and backbone operating conditions of collaborations. An assessment of the key elements providing simultaneously stability and a possibility of expanded development of the system constructed on the basis of collaborative approach is given. The author’s opinion is stated of formation of the main tendencies. In the inference, relevant questions for continuation of perspective researches is raised.