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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2018 year, number 4

An Analysis of the Factors Determining the Difference in life Expectancy of Men and Women in Russian Regions

T. V. Kossova, E. V. Kossova, M. F. Sheluntcova
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Keywords: ожидаемая продолжительность жизни при рождении, смертность, потребление алкоголя, региональные различия, Россия, life expectancy at birth, mortality, alcohol consumption, regional differences, Russia


The paper investigates regional differences in life expectancy at birth of women and men. We assume that gender gap in life expectancy is related to economic conditions in a region and the tendency to unhealthy lifestyles, particularly to alcohol consumption. We include into analysis mortality from external causes and mortality from respiratory diseases, since they are associated with alcohol abuse and smoking. Data source is the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia. Panel data analysis of 1990-2014 shows significant positive effect of alcohol consumption on the gender gap in life expectancy. Results confirm the importance of maintaining restrictive anti- alcohol measures in the country.