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Earths Cryosphere

2022 year, number 1


V.P. Melnikov1, V.E. Tumskoy2, N.V. Arutyunyan1, O.M. Lisitsyna3, N.G. Belova1,3, O.V. Levochkina1, G.E. Oblogov1
1Earth Cryosphere Institute, Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS, Malygina str. 86, Tyumen, 625026, Russia
2Melnikov Permafrost Institute, SB RAS, Merzlotnaya str. 36, Yakutsk, 677010, Russia
3Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory 1, Moscow, 119991, Russia
Keywords: Earths cryosphere, cryology, journal, editorial staff


The journal "Earth Cryosphere" is the only scientific journal in Russia aimed at comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of problems of Earth cryology. Currently, articles submitted to the editorial board are divided into 23 headings, reflecting the achievements of numerous scientific disciplines studying the cryosphere (geology, geography, biology, soil science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.). Since 2014, an English version of the journal called "Earths Cryosphere" has been published in electronic form. For 25 years, the journal has published more than a thousand articles sent from 180 organizations. The journal currently has a high rating among Russian periodicals of the geological and geographical direction.