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Earths Cryosphere



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Earths Cryosphere

ISSN: 2541-9994

About Journal

Earths Cryosphere is a leading journal of cryology, popular in Russia and worldwide. It publishes original results on versatile issues related to permafrost, glaciology, climate, environment, etc., and has renowned permafrost experts in its team of editors. The journal was founded in January 1997 and has published more than 700 high-quality papers since then. Their almost 500 authors are experienced researchers with different academic degrees, as well as students, from the Russian Academy of Sciences, R&D companies, universities, and other institutions.



Chief Editor

V.P. Melnikov, Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Associate chief editor:

V.M. Kotlyakov, Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Executive secretary

V.E. Tumskoy, professor


J. Brown, professor (USA)

A.V. Brouchkov, professor

A.A. Vasiliev

P. Williams, professor (UK)

M.N. Grigoriev

D.S. Drozdov, professor

M.V. Kirov

A.N. Nesterov

E.M. Pfeiffer, professor (Germany)

V.E. Romanovsky, professor (USA)

G.L. Stenchikov, professor (Saudi Arabia)

K. Flaate, professor (Norway)

S. Harris, professor (Canada)

H. Hubberten, professor (Germany)

N.I. Shiklomanov, professor (USA)

Yu.L. Shur, professor (USA)

I.N. Esau, professor (Norway)

M.L. Vladov, professor

V.A. Istomin, professor

I.N. Modin, professor


V.R. Alekseev, professor

F.E. Are, professor

A.D. Duchkov, professor

M.N. Zheleznyak

Yu.D. Zykov, professor

N.S. Kasimov, Full Member of RAS

I.A. Komarov, professor

M.A. Minkin, professor

F.M. Rivkin

E.M. Rivkina

A.V. Soromotin

E.A. Slagoda

V.T. Trofimov, professor

L.N. Khrustalev, professor

V.G. Cheverev

G.A. Cherkashev

Journal promoted by

Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk

Institute of Earths Cryosphere, Tyumen