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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2001 year, number 7

Silicon Structures for Power Electronics

Kira L. Enisherlova and Mikhail M. Krymko
GUP NPP "Pulsar", Okruzhnoy pr. 27, Moscow 105187 (Russia)


In the present communication we consider the major requirements to the properties of low-doped working layers of multiplayer structures used in manufacturing power high-voltage transistors, thyristors and IGBT devices, which are the most widespread types of high-power high-voltage discrete devices. It is demonstrated experimentally how the non-uniformity of thickness and resistivity of the low-doped working layer can affect the parameters of high-power MDS transistors. We analyse the reasonability of using two- and three-layered structures formed by direct bonding, involving neutron-doped silicon grown by floating zone melting (FZ-Si) for the working low-doped layer, in manufacturing power electronic devices with Ubreak > 800 V. It is demonstrated that an alternative for FZ-Si can be silicon, grown according to Czochralski technique under an applied magnetic field (CZM), with oxygen content < (4-5)*1017 cm-3.