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Professional Education in the Modern World

2018 year, number 2


M. V. Kobyakova
Tyumen higher military engineering command school named after Marshal of engineer troops A. I. Proshlyakov, Tyumen, Russian Federation
Keywords: технологическое мышление, структура, уровни, средства развития, система задач, technological thinking, structure, levels, means of development tasks


The article presents an example of a study on the development of technological thinking of learners with the aim of improving the quality of vocational training of the Russian personnel of military engineering. Technological thinking is seen as the ability to carry out research, monitoring and modeling the steps to finding more different options of alternative solutions on the basis of the previously created image of the desired outcome with the subsequent choice of a rational, optimal decisions. Students are involved in progressively more complex technological transformative activities aimed at changing the surrounding reality with the aim of creating an information product (object or process). The training introduces complex challenges, focused on the development of technological thinking, based on the use of new information technologies. As a means of development for different levels of technological thinking, the proposed complex of diverse tasks of increasing complexity to be solved using computer-aided design.