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Professional Education in the Modern World

2018 year, number 2


R.R. Zakieva
Kazan State Energy University, Kazan, Russian Federation
Keywords: образование, аттестация персонала, аттестация оборудования, качество, управление, education, personnel certification, equipment certification, quality, management


The changes that have occurred in the Russian economy have brought about significant changes in its structure. Because of these changes, it becomes necessary to make adjustments throughout the system of management and education. Therefore, at present, many organizations have to come up with some new conditions for the opportunity to competently compete in the labor market. In this regard, firms need to equip their organizations not only with technical equipment, but also have decent staff. This article provides an analysis of specific features and patterns of development and implementation of quality management systems in higher educational institutions. The concept of educational management and its components are considered. The features and characteristics of the managing and managed subsystems of the institution of higher professional education are revealed. The essence and tasks of management of the higher school are revealed. The role of educational management in the innovative development of the university is shown. It was found out that management in the sphere of education and upbringing has such specific features as direct and personally included interaction with all subjects of the educational process; the need for differentiation and individualization of educational services; the dependence of the functioning of the organization on the behavior of consumers; the complexity of determining the quality parameters; the need to own the perfect skills to work with consumers.