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Professional Education in the Modern World

2018 year, number 2


T.A. Artashkina
Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
Keywords: государственная образовательная политика, кризис образования, цели образования, модернизация образования, информатизация, шестой технологический уклад, образовательное пространство, рейтинг вузов, state education policy, education crisis, aims of education, modernization of education, informatization, 6 technological mode, educational space, university ranks


The paper aims at exploring special management of education in Russia in the current period. Methods and methodology of research are based on complex study, comparative analysis of different sources and studying concrete empirical data. The author analyses the historical period of foundation and formation of state policy in Russia since 1990-s up to the present time. Special management of education in Russia is determined by internal and external factors. The internal factors include the breach in Soviet system of education in 1990-s , transfer to market relations and education crisis which began in the Soviet period. The external factors include culture transformation, globalization and development of market relations. The weakest aspect in management of education in Russia is considered to be the aim of education. Since 2000-s the author observes strengthening of requirements to professional training. Otherwise, underestimation of solving the problem of personal formation can result in the crisis in moral sphere. This can lead to the breach in education and culture. Russia has been big, plural and mixed country. The country faces the necessity to be included into the list of the countries with the sixth technological mode; it requires the rapid modernization of education. This kind of modernization should use the all types of scenarios, which are adapted to concrete conditions of the regions of Russia. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has chosen the strategy of local measures and precision financial support. At the same time precision financial support does not lead to global modernization of education in Russia. The problem of financial support of national education is very urgent and significant. This is government of the country only which can support Russia being included into the list of countries with the 6th technological mode as it has huge financial resources. The political and economic problems of Russia and its transition to the countries with the 6th technological mode are interrelated.