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Professional Education in the Modern World

2013 year, number 3


V. I. Panarin and V. M. Medvedchikov
Keywords: education, additional vocational education, continuity of education, transparency, education, educational programs, quality of education, social and professional accreditation, professional community


The authors examine the problems of additional vocational training in conjunction with the general problems of education, emerging in the information age. The emphasis is made on the change in the function of additional professional education; the authors believe that today continuous vocational education is becoming a preferred form of the educational process, which is acquiring a continuous character. A brief analysis of the problems facing the additional professional education in the conditions of informatization leads the authors to believe in the necessity of organizing a system of professional accreditation of the institutions of additional vocational education. As the basis of such accreditation there should act the thematic expert councils together with the representatives of the educational community. This will allow integrating the additional vocational education into the lifelong learning, as well as optimizing its quality. In general, it will strengthen the competitiveness of Russian education in the world market of educational services.