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Professional Education in the Modern World

2013 year, number 3


P. E. Tarkin-Sapegin
Keywords: elite education, the goal of training, modern paradigm, advanced development, philosophical and methodological reflection, market relations, independence and freedom


Certain features and characteristics of elite education are peculiar for Russia: the advanced development of elite education in the educational system; close relationship between the egalitarian and elite education; the absence of competition with the foreign elite higher education institutions; inadequate role in the global education market; uneven distribution of the elite educational institutions in the vast space of Russia; the lack of proper forecasting of elite education; the discrepancy between the popularity of the elite higher education institution with the demand for its graduates in the labor market; significant potential and broad prospects for the development of elite education and others. A philosophical reflection of the state, regularities and prospects of elite education allows revealing the ways to improve it at the present stage, to formulate the main purpose of preparation of the Russian elite: its ascent to a state of independence and freedom in relationship to society, nature and cosmos, in the moral choice decisions.