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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 2

Production of Synthetic Liquid Fuel: State and Trends of Development

G. P. Pashkov, P. N. Kuznetsov, A. F. Safronov, N. Z. Lyakhov
Keywords: synthetic fuel, oil, gas, industrial processing
Pages: 215-227


The state of the problem of production of the synthetic hydrocarbon fuel abroad and in Russia is considered. It is shown that abroad, in view of the limited oil resources, new energy strategies were adopted and are put into effect. These strategies are aimed at diversification of energy carriers, involvement of nonconventional kinds of organic raw materials (mainly coal and natural gas), as well as plant raw materials, into industrial processing to obtain ecologically safe liquid fuel, and establishment of the corresponding production. It was stressed that the technologies of the production of synthetic liquid fuel from coal reached the level of commercial efficiency. In Russia, it is necessary to develop and accept, as soon as possible, a novel energy strategy aimed at the creation of competitive technologies for advances oil processing and for obtaining high-quality and ecologically safe liquid hydrocarbons from coal and natural gas.