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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 2

Intensification of the Process of Collagen Dissolution with the Help of Mechanical Treatment

V. A. Poluboyarov, E. V. Voloskova, V. V. Yankovaya, T. I. Guryanova
Keywords: offal, processing of wastes, alkali-salt treatment, acetic acid, ultrasound, enzymatic agents, molecular mass, dissolution of collagen, intensification, mechanochemical action
Pages: 183-189


Different methods of the mechanochemical intensification of the process of collagen dissolution are proposed: cavitation at the stage of preliminary treatment of the collagen-containing material and mechanical mixing at the stage of dissolution in acetic acid. In order to obtain pure products of collagen dissolution which would not be contaminated with chemical reagents and would be suitable for use as raw materials in medicine and in food industry, treatment with a set of enzymatic agents is used. Colloid solutions conserving the fibrous structure necessary for further use of the products of collagen dissolution were obtained.