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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 2

Influence of Mechanical Treatment on the Composition of Bitumen-Saturated Sandstone

G. S. Pevneva, E. V. Ivanova, V. G. Surkov, A. K. Golovko, A. F. Safronov
Keywords: bitumen-saturated sandstone, mechanical treatment, product composition
Pages: 175-181


Changes in the composition of the organic component of bitumen-saturated sandstone arising as a result of its mechanical treatment in AGO-2 set-up in the medium of argon and hydrogen were investigated. It was shown that the mechanical treatment in the medium of argon causes a decrease in the yield of bitumoid (organic component), a decrease in the concentrations of pyrobitumen, oil, saturated hydrocarbons and triarenes, while the fraction of tar increases sharply. Treatment of sandstone in the medium of hydrogen does not cause any substantial changes of the material constitution of bitumoid in comparison with the initial sample; however, the content of saturated, bi- and triaromatic hydrocarbons in the hydrocarbon group composition of this bitumoid is much lower than that in the bitumoid of the initial sandstone.