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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2022 year, number 3

Current state of population of Аlthaea officinalis l. (Мalvaceae) at the territory of Atyrau region

Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden, Aktau, Kazakhstan
Keywords: Atyrau region, medicinal plant, population, current state, morphological and quantitative indicators, ontogenetic spectrum


The world experience of applying of medicinal plants shows the prospect for development preparations based on the plant raw materials, including wild ones. In this regard it is necessary the field study for assessment current state of medicinal plants’ populations for rational use and preservation of biological diversity. For the populations of Althaea officinalis , we evaluated the botanical features, ontogenetic spectrum and morphological indicators of plants. So, structural indicators of four populations of А . officinalis in valleys of the rivers Altolkyn, Uter, Sergek and Koneu (Kurmangazysky rayon of Atyrau region) were investigated. It was determined that species composition of communities had 54 species from 50 genera and 26 families. The leading families by number of species were Poaceae , Asteraceae и Fabaceae . The most common species (category I) included 37 taxa; category II included 10 taxa; category III included 4 species; and category IV-V included 2 species. Mesophytes, mesoxerophytes and xeromesophytes dominated among ecological groups; herbaceous perennial, annual and biennial plants dominated among life forms. The maximum morphometric indicators of А . officinalis were noted for populations in the valley of the rive Aktolkyn; the minimum - floodplain of the river Sergek. Analysis of age spectrum made possible to determine, that population in the valet of the river Altolkym was characterized as stable, medium-age; in the floodplain of the river Sergek was stable and young; in the floodplain of the river Uter was non-stable, aging; in the valley of the river Koneu was young. As the results of field investigations, it is possible to recommend implementing action for collection of medicinal raw material of А . officinalis in the populations of the valleys of the rivers Altolkyn, Koneu and Sergek. It is not possible to collect raw material in the valley of the river Uter; actions for reconstruction of its structure are needed.