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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2022 year, number 3

Climatogenic cryomorphogenesis of south-eastern altai

1Tomsk State Research University, Tomsk, Russia
2Institute of Monitoring of Climate and Ecological Systems SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia
3Hovd State University, Hovd, Mongolia
Keywords: South-Eastern Altai, cryolithozone, seasonal climate rhythms, cryogenic landslide


To identify the causes of activation of cryogenic landslide processes in the territory of South-Eastern Altai, a detailed analysis of temporal changes in the hydrothermal regime of natural seasons from 1936 to 2016 was carried out. Analysis of climatic conditions of the years of peak landslide activity established during processing of ultra-high resolution satellite imagery data and their comparison with indicators calculated for the period before the beginning of steady global climate change (1936-1970) indicates pronounced climate warming and its active influence on high-mountain cryogenic systems. Periods of landslide intensification caused by extreme thawing of the active layer of cryolithozone in 1998, 2012 and 2016 are reliably correlated with anomalies of indicators of hydrothermal regime of natural seasons and their structural units.