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Journal of Mining Sciences

2022 year, number 2

Hydrophobic Interactions in the Diamond-Organic Liquid-Inorganic Luminophore System in Modification of Spectral and Kinetic Characteristics of Diamonds

V. V. Morozov, V. A. Chanturia, G. P. Dvoichenkova, E. L. Chanturia
Academician Melnikov Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources-IPKON, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: Diamonds, X-ray luminescence separation, luminophores, composition, organic collector, hydrophobic interactions, spectral and kinetic characteristics, modification


The authors studied theoretically and experimentally the compositions of luminophores in modification of spectral characteristics of anomalously luminescent diamonds to the effect of their recovery. Attachment of a luminophore-bearing composition at the diamond crystal surface takes place owing to the stable aggregation of the diamond, organic liquid and inorganic luminophores by the mechanism of hydrophobic interaction in polar medium. Stability of such aggregates is ensured by intense adhesion of the components having similar surface energy. For diamond and zinc sulfide, the dependence of the wetting angle, generated by the organic liquid drops in the water medium, on the surface tension of the organic phase exhibits the extreme nature. By the coordinate of the maximum of the wetting angle-organic liquid surface energy curve, the surface energy of diamond and zinc sulfide is determined. It is proved that the organic liquids and oil products, which are used as organic collectors and have surface energies similar to the luminophore surface energy, maximize the force of hydrophobic interaction and stability of the diamond-organic liquid-inorganic luminophore aggregate.