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Journal of Mining Sciences

2022 year, number 2

Calculating Dispersion of Air Pollutants in Mines

M. A. Semin, A. G. Isaevich, N. A. Trushkova, S. A. Bublik, B. P. Kazakov
Mining Institute, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia
Keywords: Mine ventilation, modeling, air pollutants, gas diffusion, longitudinal dispersion coefficient


The reference sources on calculation of toxic gas and dust flows in systems of mine roadways are reviewed. It is shown that the calculation should take into account convection and longitudinal dispersion, while molecular and turbulent diffusion in straight-line roadways can be neglected. However, in case of vortex mixture of air in dead-air spaces at junctions in mines, the turbulent diffusion can be comparable with the longitudinal dispersion. The authors propose a calculation formula for the effective longitudinal dispersion coefficient with regard to the influence of air flow velocities in neighbor roadways. The algorithm of nonstationary flow of air pollutants in mine roadways uses the method of splitting by physical processes.