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Journal of Mining Sciences

2022 year, number 2

Seismic Response of Undrained Twin Tunnels

K. Ouadfel1, S. Messast1, K. Boulfoul2
120 August 1955 University of Skikda, Skikda, Algeria
2University of Batna 2, Batna, Algeria
Keywords: Soil-structure interaction, dynamic, numerical modeling, twin tunnels, clay soil, drained and undrained condition


The article presents a real case of twin tunnels T4 of the East-West Highway (Algeria) for studying purpose of the effects therein on the soil-structure interaction and the excess pore water pressure on the same by use of a numerical analysis PLAXIS 3D. The results obtained from the Mohr-Coulomb model have been compared with those of Hardening Soil Model for drained and undrained condition. More to the point, it indicates that the soil under undrained condition can produce a significant modification in the normalized internal forces and the moment of lining for the stiff tunnels compared to flexible tunnels.