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Earth’s Cryosphere

2021 year, number 2

ABOUT THE INCORRECTNESS OF Yu.K. VASIL'CHUK'S METHOD FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION OF PALEOTEMPERATURES USING ISOTOPE COMPOSITION OF WEDGE ICE. Review of the article by Yu.K. Vasil'chuk, A.C. Vasil'chuk "Air January paleotemperature reconstruction 48-15 calibrated ka BP using oxygen isotope ratios from Zelyony Mys Yedoma"

A.A. Galanin
Melnikov Permafrost Institute, SB RAS, Merzlotnaya str. 36, Yakutsk, 677010, Russia
Keywords: Stable isotopes О and D, ice wedges, reconstruction of paleotemperatures, Pleistocene, Holocene, permafrost


It has been revealed that methodological techniques and formulas developed and widely used by Yu.K. Vasil’chuk for the reconstruction of average January temperatures (tJ = 1.5xδ18O), the sum of winter negative temperatures (∑tw = 250xδ18O), as well as average winter temperatures (tw = δ18O) based on the oxygen-isotopic composition of polygonal ice wedge are incorrect, and the paleoclimatic reconstructions obtained from these formulas are unreliable.