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Numerical Analysis and Applications

2021 year, number 1

On the numerical solution of the generalized Burgers-Huxley equation by Lie-Trotter splitting method

Y. Cicek, S.O. Korkut
Izmir Katip Celebi University, Izmir, Turkey
Keywords: convergence analysis, Burgers-Huxley equation, Lie-Trotter splitting method, nonlinear differential equations, Sobolev spaces


In this paper, the Lie-Trotter splitting method (LSM) is used to solve the generalized Burgers-Huxley equation (GBHE) numerically. We first establish the local error bounds of approximate solutions of the GBHE with the help of the theory of differential operators in a Banach space. Then we prove the global convergence by using a telescoping identity. At the end, the accuracy of the method is provided by numerical results which are compared with earlier studies.