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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2020 year, number 6


V. A. Savchenkova1, N. A. Korshunov1, R. V. Kotelnikov2, A. V. Perminov1
1All-Russian Research Institute of Forestry and Forestry Mechanization, Pushkino, Russian Federation
2The Center of Forest Pyrology, Development of Forest Ecosystem Conservation, Forest Protection and Regeneration Technologies - Branch of the All-Russian Research Institute of Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Keywords: forest, fire, communications, management, automated systems


The article is devoted to the assessment of the interaction and communication system for extinguishing large fires in order to create a more effective system for managing the forces and means of extinguishing and ensuring a reliable quality control system for decisions and work performed. Research on the state of the issue described in the article is planned to be used to prepare methods for managing forces and strategy in large fires, this technique can be adopted normative legal acts of the corresponding Federal state Executive bodies. Most of the Russian Federation’s forest resources are located in remote and inaccessible areas. This leads to the fact that some forest fires turns into large ones. Despite the fact that large forest fires in the Russian Federation account for only about 8-18 % in number, the total area covered by fire is about 90 %. Improving the effectiveness of fighting large forest fires is of primary importance and the amount of annual damage to the budget of our country will depend on the correct organization of this work. To date, timely and reliable formation of scientific and analytical information for making operational management decisions in the organization of extinguishing large forest fires is extremely important. The article is based on the results of evaluating information support for extinguishing large forest fires based on the analysis of the use of the most effective technological solutions in the field of managing the forces and means of extinguishing that are used in the elimination of large forest fires. This made it possible to make sure that modern effective models of decision support systems (both in the military and civil sectors) are available in Russia and they can be successfully adapted to the tasks of fighting large forest fires. Modern capabilities of Rosleskhoz should be actively used in the Russian decision-making system for predictive modeling of the spread of a large fire and the presentation of other actual and calculated parameters.