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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2020 year, number 9

Cooled stacked-actuator deformable mirror for compensation of phase fluctuations in a turbulent atmosphere

V.V. Toporovsky1,2, A.V. Kudryashov1,2, V.V. Samarkin1, A.L. Rukosuev1, A.N. Nikitin1, Yu.V. Sheldakova1, O.V. Otrubyannikova1
1Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, Moscow, Russia
2Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: адаптивная оптика, корректор волнового фронта, деформируемое зеркало, мощное лазерное излучение, adaptive optics, wavefront corrector, deformable mirror, high-power laser radiation


To compensate for aberration of laser radiation passed through a turbulent atmosphere, a wavefront corrector was designed in the form of a cooled stacked-actuator deformable mirror. In this work, theoretical estimations which allow one to determine main characteristics of this mirror are represented. The method suggested for cooling the reflecting surface of the wavefront corrector developed through piezoactuators body is experimentally studied. The results of measurements of main characteristics of the deformable mirror are shown, including the initial mirror surface shape, response functions of actuators, stroke of the mirror, and first resonance response of the mirror surface.