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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2020 year, number 2


A. L. Fedorkov
Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, Syktyvkar, Russian Federation
Keywords: Pinus sylvestris L, географические культуры, перемещения лесных семян, Pinus sylvestris L, geographical crops, forest seed transfer


The issues concerning Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L. seed transfers in northern Europe are discussed. The official rules regulating transfers of Scots pine seeds in the Russian Federation are described. The recent Russian and foreign literature about the geographical variation of main adaptive traits of pine in northern conditions are analyzed. The importance of geographical cultures as main method to study the geographical variation is shown. The differences of limits to transfer in northern Russia and adjacent countries with boreal climate as Sweden and Finland are shown. Based on literature the approach to modeling of seed transfer to survival and height growth of Scots pine plantations are described. The models recently jointly developed in Sweden and Finland are presented and data obtained in the geographical and test cultures of pine for their construction are characterized. The climate parameters used for modeling are briefly specified. The models developed are also valid for genetically improved material. Joint practical recommendations on choosing the optimal source of seeds for reproduction of forests in these two countries are considered. The web tool for optimal choose more suitable material to establish high-productive Scots pine cultures. The official rules regulating Scots pine seed transfers in northern Russia do not fully correspond to patterns of geographical variation of this species. The relevance to develop the seed transfer models for northern Russia and to change seed zoning rules is stressed.