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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2020 year, number 2

Parasitic community of blas (Siphonaptera) small and medium predators (Mammalia, Carnivora) south-west of Primorsk region

M. N. Litvinov1, E. A. Litvinova2, M. N. Erofeeva3, S. V. Naidenko3
1State Natural Reserve “Ussuriyskii” by V. L. Komarov of FEB RAS, Ussuriisk, Russia
2Far Eastern Federal University. School of Pedagogics, Ussuriisk, Russia
3A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: блоха, паразитарные сообщества, экологические связи, хищник, синантропный вид, экзоантропный вид, полизоидность, flea, parasitic communities, ecological relations, predator, synanthropic species, exoanthropic species, polysoid


Original data on the ecological relations of Sifonoptera fleas with small and medium-sized predators in the south-west of Primorsky Krai are presented. The parasitic community of fleas in populations of carnivorous mammals of the studied territory consists of eight species belonging to three families and five genera. Five flea species ( Chaetopsulla appropinquans , Ch. micado , Ch. zibellina , Ch. Dogieli ), Paraceras flabellum are specific for predatory mammals, two more species of ( Ctenophthalmus congeneroides , Megabotris calkarifer ) are found on predators, but are rodent parasites.