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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2020 year, number 2

Factors of spatial distribution and risk assessment of Viviparus iviparus L. invasion in aquatic ecosystems of the Ob river basin

L. V. Yanygina1,2, A. V. Kotovshchikov1, L. M. Kipriyanova1, D. D. Volgina1
1Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of SB RAS, Barnaul, Russia
2Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia
Keywords: чужеродные виды, макробеспозвоночные, моллюски, Новосибирское водохранилище, alien species, macroinvertebrates, mollusks, Novosibirsk reservoir


The mollusks from the Viviparidae family are among invertebrates actively settling outside their natural habitats. Alien representatives of this family dwell in the waters of North and South America, Europe and Asia. The paper presents the results of the long-term studies of Viviparus viviparus L. unintentionally introduced into the Novosibirsk reservoir. The effect of bottom sediments types and concentrations of organic substances on spatial distribution of V. viviparus in the reservoir was studied. It was found that the formation of denser mollusks settlements (as compared to natural areal) occurred in the Novosibirsk reservoir due to its favorable environmental conditions. The Harmonia+ Protocol was used to assess the risk of V. viviparus invasion into water bodies of the Ob river basin as well as the invasion consequences for its aquatic ecosystems. It is shown that water bodies of the Middle Ob basin are suitable for V. viviparus ; the risk of further mollusk spread is estimated as high.