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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2020 year, number 1


Yu.G. Shvetsov
Altai State Technical University, Barnaul, Russian Federation
Keywords: цифровая экономика, электронный банкинг, криптовалюта, кредитование, цифровые активы, блокчейн, искусственный интеллект, банки, кредиты, виртуальные помощники, digital economy, electronic banking, crypto-currency, lending, digital assets, blockchein, artificial intelligence, banks, loans, virtual assistants


In the article are examined the basic trends and the content of transition period in the development of the banking sector of services, whose functioning undergoes substantial changes in the conditions of the folding ecosystem of the digital economy. The need for the introduction of essential correctives into the theory of banking is based, the promising trends of the displacement of credit establishments into the virtual space are illuminated, characteristic is given to the new bank products, which are folded of the within the framework decentralized system for control. The most important aspects of the creation of the model of digital bank and the key elements of strategy of its owner’s activity are revealed.