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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2019 year, number 2

Biotic Flow of Energy Through the Microbial Food Web in the Pelagic Zone of the Lake Type Ecosystems

Zoological Institute, RAS, 199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb., 1
Keywords: экосистемы озерного типа, микробиальная пищевая сеть, пастбищная пищевая цепь, биотический поток энергии, моделирование, lake type ecosystems, microbial food web, grazing food chain, biotic energy flow, modeling


The algorithm of dynamic mass-balance simulating a biotic energy flow in planktonic community containing the microbial organisms has been developed. Inlet parameters of the model are latitude, mean depth of the water body, total phosphorus content and water colour. Biomass and production of the key plankton group are predicted by the model. It is shown that a food base for fish and fish growth depend on extent of protozoan plankton contained in food web.