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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2018 year, number 8

Parameters of the light-scattering phase function in the tropical Atlantic waters

V.I. Mankovsky
Marine Hydrophysical Institute National Academy of the RAS, 2, Kapitanskaya St., Sevastopol, 299011, Russia
Keywords: индикатриса рассеяния, вытянутость индикатрисы, коэффициент асимметрии индикатрисы, средний косинус угла рассеяния, средний угол рассеяния, показатель рассеяния, показатель ослабления, scattering function, stretch of scattering function, asymmetry coefficient of scattering function, middle cosine of angle of scattering function, middle angle of scattering function, total scattering coefficient, beam attenuation coefficient


The results of measurements of the light-scattering phase function in the tropical Atlantic are represented. The parameters of the scattering functions in water of the principal large-scale tropical currents are presented. The relations of the scattering function asymmetry coefficient with the total scattering coefficient and the total scattering coefficient with the beam attenuation coefficient are established.