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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2018 year, number 8

Study of spectral optical characteristics and microstructure of anthropogenic sols

N.I. Moskalenko, M.S. Khamidullina, Ya.S. Safiullina, I.R. Dodov
Kazan State Power Engineering University, Kazan, Krasnoselskaya str., 51
Keywords: функция спектрального пропускания, газовая фаза, дисперсная фаза, микроструктура золя, антропогенные выбросы, концентрация ингредиентов, spectral transmission function, gas phase, particulate phase, sol microstructure, anthropogenic emissions, concentration of ingredients


A new complex for spectrometric measurements of atmospheric anthropogenic emissions is presented, which has been designed and is used for the study of optical characteristics of anthropogenic sols. The derived spectral dependences of effective absorption, scattering, radiation attenuation cross sections are used to retrieve the microstructure of anthropogenic sols and to detect the influence of the relative humidity of the radiation propagation medium on the optical characteristics of its dispersed phase. Atmospheric emissions of combustion products of wood, power enterprises, air carriers, and products of thermal decomposition of asbestos-cement plates during their calcination are analyzed.