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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2018 year, number 2

Fatty Acid Composition of Total Lipids in Needles of Picea obovata in the Spring Vegetation Period

Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, SB RAS, 664033, Irkutsk, Lermontov str., 132
Keywords: Picea obovata, жирные кислоты, десатуразы, хлорофилл, fatty acids, desaturase, chlorophyll


The dynamics of the fatty acid composition of total lipids in needles of Picea obovata L. during the first half of the vegetation period in 2010 (March-July) was studied. In the composition of unsaturated FA of total lipids of Picea obovata needles in the post-winter (10.03-6.04), spring (20.04-18.05), and summer (1.06-20.07) periods, three FA content peaks characterized by the increase in the content of б-linolenic acid were revealed. For the post-winter and spring vegetation periods, the UFA increase was accompanied by the increase in the desaturase ratio (ODR and LDR). The spring peak of the 18:3w3 content coincided with the spring peak of the content of chlorophylls in LHC PSU and the beginning of the net CO2 assimilation while the summer one coincided with the highest content of chlorophylls in the studied period. Possible variants of the participation of FA in the transformation mechanisms of the structural and functional organization of the photosynthetic apparatus of a coniferous plant are discussed.