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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2018 year, number 2

Phytoplankton as the Indicator of the Ecological State of the Saltaim - Tenis Lake System (Omsk Oblast)

P. A. Stolypin Omsk State Agrarian University, 644008, Omsk, Institute Sq., 1
Keywords: фитопланктон, озерная система Салтаим - Тенис, экологическое состояние, трофический статус, индекс сапробности, Омское Прииртышье, phytoplankton, Saltaim-Tenis Lake system, ecological state, trophic status, saprobity index, Omsk Priirtyshiye


Based on the data of a multi-year study of phytoplankton, the current ecological state and the direction of changes in the Saltaim-Tenis Lake system (Omsk Oblast) were assessed. Species composition, structure, abundance and dominant complexes of phytoplankton were described. The predominance of cyanobacteria in the formation of the population and the dominant phytoplankton complex was established. The trophic level of the lakes corresponded to the eutrophic and polytrophic water categories. The saprobity index of water varied from б-oligosaprobic to в-mesosaprobic zone. The ecological state of the lake system is stable compared to that in the mid-20th century.