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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2017 year, number 4

Choice of spectral bands for laser fluorescence method for detection of plant stress

Yu.V. Fedotov, O.A. Bullo, M.L. Belov, V.A. Gorodnichev
Scientific-Research Institute of Radioelectronics and Laser Technology at the N.E. Bauman, Russia, 107005, Moscow, 2-ya Baumanskaya st., 5/1
Keywords: лазерный флуоресцентный метод, обнаружение стрессовых состояний растений, спектральные диапазоны, laser fluorescence method, detection of plant stress, spectral bands


Laser fluorescence method for detection of plant stress is considered. Processing results of experimental fluorescence spectra of plants in normal and different stress situations are given for a fluorescence excitation wavelength of 532 nm. Сomparative analysis of different variants of spectral bands of plants fluorescence radiation recording is carried out. It is shown that for vegetation monitoring problem spectral bands with central wavelengths 685 и 740 nm are most efficient bands in the context of stress situations detection reliability.