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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2017 year, number 4

Simulation of water vapor condensation. Charged clusters

G.F. Krymsky, G.S. Pavlov, S.I. Petukhov
Yu.G. Shafer Institute of Cosmophysical Research and Aeronomy of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 677980, Yakutsk, 31, Lenina ave.
Keywords: водяной пар, капли, конденсация, энергия связи, пересыщение, water rapor, drops, condensation, coupling energy, supersaturation


On the basis of simulation of water molecule interaction in small clusters in the presence of ions the binding energy of molecules and supersaturation of vapor being in balance with small droplets is calculated. Supersaturation thresholds are found. It is shown that negatively charged droplets have a lower threshold than positively charged ones. In the calculations, the four-point potential for water molecules is used.