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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2017 year, number 1


V.V. Dranishnikova1,2, Yu.V. Luneva1,2
1Kuznetskbiznesbank, Str. Kirova 89a, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, 654080, Russia
2Siberian State Industrial University, Str. Kirova, 42, Novokuznetsk, 654007, Russia
Keywords: банкострахование, кэптивные страховые компании, динамика рынка банкострахования, розничный сектор, некредитное страхование, bancassurance, captive insurance companies, bank insurance market dynamics, the retail sector, non-credit insurance


The article presents a detailed analysis of the state of the Russian market of bank insurance in the time interval 2008-2015. The structure of this market in different classification sections was investigated. Author’s assessment of the dynamics of the bank insurance market in general, as well as its individual segments (retail insurance, insurance of legal entities through banks, insurance of banks’ risks) was fulfilled. Tendencies of key components, such as life insurance of the borrower, auto insurance, mortgage insurance, etc. are determined. Conclusions and suggestions were made. State and departmental statistics and open press data were used as an information basis for the study.