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2016 year, number 6


W. Flores-Fuentes1, O. Sergiyenko1, J. C. Rodriguez-Quinonez1, M. Rivas-Lopez1, D. Hernandez-Balbuena1, L. C. Basaca-Preciado2, L. Lindner1, F. F. Gonzalez-Navarro1
1Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexicali, Blvd. Benito Juarez S/N, Mexico 21280
2CETYS Universidad, Mexicali, Rivera, Calz. Cetys S/N, Mexico 21259
Keywords: анализ, центр импульса, компенсация, локализация, оптический метод, analysis, energy center, compensation, localization, optical method


A problem of upgrading an optoelectronic scanning system with digital post-processing of the signal based on adequate methods of energy center localization is considered. An improved dynamic triangulation analysis technique is proposed by an example of industrial infrastructure damage detection. A modification of our previously published method aimed at searching for the energy center of an optoelectronic signal is described. Application of the artificial intelligence algorithm of compensation for the error of determining the angular coordinate in calculating the spatial coordinate through dynamic triangulation is demonstrated. Six energy center localization methods are developed and tested to select the best method. After implementation of these methods, digital compensation for the measurement error, and statistical data analysis, a non-parametric behavior of the data is identified. The Wilcoxon signed rank test is applied to improve the result further. For optical scanning systems, it is necessary to detect a light emitter mounted on the infrastructure being investigated to calculate its spatial coordinate by the energy center localization method.