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Philosophy of Sciences

2016 year, number 3


M.Yu. Osipov
Institute of jurisprudence and management of VPA, 98, Boldin st., Tula, 30028, Russia
Keywords: наука, наукометрика, научные журналы, импакт-фактор, критерии отбора, международные базы цитирования, science, nanometric, scientific journals, impact factor, selection criteria, international database citation


The problem of representation of Russian journals in the international bases of citing is one of the urgent problems facing modern science. One of the means of promotion of Russian journals in international citation database is the RSCI project, a joint project of the Russian science citation index and Web of Science. The subject of the research is to develop scientifically based criteria for inclusion of a journal in RSCI. The author, using the data of the scientometric studies of science, concludes that the selection of journals in RSCI was a significant influence of psychological and organizational factors, rather than objective and scientific. The author concludes about the necessity of primarily relying on objective scientometric indicators of the journal in its selection for presentation in the international bases of citing, rather than the subjective opinion of members of the selection Committee, particularly on such indicators as the ranking of Science index, index of scientific relevance, the impact factor of the journal etc. The results of the research can used to improve selection of scientific journals in the international citation base