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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2016 year, number 9

Fast and accurate algorithm for the numerical simulation of radiative transfer in turbid media

V.P. Budak, V.S. Zheltov, A.V. Lubenchenko, K.S. Freidlin, O.V. Shagalov
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Krasnokazarmennaya 14, Moscow, 111250, Russia
Keywords: дискретное уравнение переноса излучения, квазидиффузионное приближение, синтетические итерации, discrete radiative transfer equation, quasi-diffusion approximation, synthetic iteration


It is shown that the regular part of the solution (RPS) remained after the separation of the anisotropic part of the solution (APS) in the small-angle modification of the spherical harmonics method (MSH) is a smooth quasi-isotropic function with some peaks in the angular distribution. The smooth part of the RPS without peaks can be determined in two-streaming or diffuse approximation. The first iteration of the resulting radiance angular distribution significantly refines the solution and allows restoring the specified angular peaks. Quasi-diffusion approach - the separation of APS by MSH, the definition of RPS in the diffuse approximation and refinement of solutions based on the first iteration, - is independent of the problem symmetry, and therefore can be generalized to the case of arbitrary medium geometry.