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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2016 year, number 2

Variation of polarization state in ceramics with disordered crystal structur

V.V. Osipov1, V.V. Lisenkov1,2, R.N. Maksimov1,2, B.V. Shulgin2, A.V. Ishchenko2, V.A. Shitov1
1Institute of Electrophysics of the Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 620016, 106 Amundsen St., Ekaterinburg, Russia
2Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, 620083, 19 Mira, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Keywords: нанопорошок, оптическая керамика, допирование, поляризация, рассеяние, nanopowder, optical ceramics, doping, polarization, scattering


In this work, we showed that doping of sesquioxide based ceramics (for instance, Y2O3) by heterovalent ions leads to altering of polarizations. It results in variation of refractive index and wave-front distortion due to presence of volumes with increased content of heterovalent ions. It also contributes to lowering of transmittance and increasing of scattering in ZrO2-, HfO2-, or CeO2-doped Y2O3 ceramic samples.