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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2016 year, number 2

The threshold conditions of ultrashort visible pulse propagation through glass

N.G. Ivanov1, V.F. Losev1,2
1High Current Electronics Institute of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 634055, Tomsk, 2/3, Academichesky ave. HCEI SB RAS
2National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, 30, Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia
Keywords: лазерный пучок, фемтосекундный импульс, компрессор из стекла, керровская нелинейность, пространственное распределение излучения, laser beam, femtosecond pulse, glass compressor, Kerr nonlinearity, spatial radiation distribution


The results of measurement and calculation of parameters of radiation at  = 475 nm after compression in glass are presented. It is shown that there are three ranges of the energy density of the radiation entering to the compressor. In the first range of low intensity (energy density is 1-5 mJ/cm2), the influence of non-linearity on the output beam parameters is insignificant. The second range of moderate intensity (energy density is 5-10 mJ/cm2) is characterized by a significant loss of energy during the propagation of the output beam. The third range of increased intensities (energy density is 20 mJ/cm2 or more) is characterized by a complete destruction of the spatial structure and the spectral composition of the output beam.