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Philosophy of Sciences

2015 year, number 4

Idea of unity of knowledge in the history of philosophy

E.A. Bezlepkin
Institute of philosophy and low SB RAS, Novosibirsk
Keywords: единство знания, синтез, редукция, методология, онтология, гносеология, the unity of knowledge, synthesis, reduction, methodology, ontology, epistemology


The review of approaches to the problem of unity of knowledge in the history of philosophical thought made. Performances philosophers from antiquity to modern times and the varieties of reductionist and synthetic models of the unity of knowledge since the philosophy of positivism are considered. Based on the review is concluded that there are several basic approaches to the problem of the unity of knowledge. The approaches can be classified by the ontological (the possibility of the unity of the world) and epistemological (the possibility of reducing / combining elements of the world) grounds.