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Philosophy of Sciences

2015 year, number 4

Explanation phenomena by means of models in natural sciences and their understanding

V.M. Reznikov
Institute of philosophy and Law SB RAS, Novosibirsk
Keywords: дедуктивно-номологическая схема, общие законы, феноменологические законы, законы ceteris paribus, теория, модель, объяснение, понимание, Гемпель, Картрайт, deductive-nomological formalization, general laws, phenomenological laws, ceteris paribus laws, theory, model, explanation, understanding, Hempel, Cartwright


The article shows the limited value of the deductive-nomological formalization for the explanation and understanding of natural phenomena. The formalization uses theoretical laws of nature, which very often have the status of ceteris paribus laws. Сontemporary philosophy of science uses the conceptions of Cartwright, Morgan and de Regt as an alternative to Hempel’s formalization. Our research demonstrates the adequacy of these conceptions for the explanation the phenomena and understanding of used theories. These conceptions use models rather than laws, where the model is the result of synthesis of a modified theory and data representing the phenomena under study.