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Philosophy of Sciences

2014 year, number 4

Philosophical and methodological analysis of basic foundations of multiverse concepts: the patchwork quilted multiverse and the inflation scenario

A. Yu. Storozhuk
Institute of philosophy and law SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Keywords: cosmology, free parameter problem, patchwork quilted multiverse, new and chaotic inflation scenarios, philosophical analysis of foundation of cosmological theories


The paper presents the philosophical and methodological analysis of basic principles of cosmological theories which postulate the existence of multiverses. We consider the basic theses of the patchwork quilted multiverse hypothesis, as well as the new and chaotic scenarios of the inflation model. We show that cosmologic theories spread to an area where direct empiric verification is impossible because of theoretical troubles which cannot be overcome within the old paradigm. The arising of the multiverse hypothesis was stimulated particularly by the free parameter problem. The new inflation scenario offers solution of some problems of the previous cosmology, such as the Big Bang, homogeneity and isotropy of space and time, the existence of large-scale structures and other problems, but it cannot be verified empirically. The main vector in the development of cosmology is oriented to more general theories. Ontology which is introduced hypothetically into such theories is also a generalization since the observed part of the Universe now is considered as a local part of the Multiverse.