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Scientific journal Vestnik NSUEM

2014 year, number 3


V.V. Nazarova1, D.A. Yurieva2
1National Research University Higher School of Economics - Saint-Petersburg, Industrial str. 14, St. Petersburg, 198099
2CJSC «JTI Marketing and Sales, Peterhof highway, 71, St. Petersburg, 198206
Keywords: markets opportunities, the merits of outsourcing, competitive advantages, trends in todays economy, functions of the company


Currently, the market provides opportunities to use the benefits of outsourcing in different spheres. Outsourcing is a major trend in todays economy. Outsourcing may be used in accounting, IT support, management, recruitment, etc. Through outsourcing companies can achieve competitive advantage It is important to choose the right approach when evaluating the merits of outsourcing. Its success depends on the ability to adapt to changing market demands, economic and political situations in the country and the world. This topic is relevant because outsourcing market is very popular abroad and dynamically developing in our country and regularly offers new unusual products but the majority of Russian companies are in no hurry to take this opportunity and still prefer to perform on their own in as many number of areas as possible. The purpose of this article is to identify the feasibility and profitability of outsourcing for an industrial enterprise based on existing modern concepts in evaluating the efficiency of outsourcing.