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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2014 year, number 3

The Results of Complex Selective Logging in Beech-Hornbeam Tree Stands of the Greater Caucasus in Azerbaijan

A. B. Yakhyaev, V. S. Farzaliev
Central Botanical Garden, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Patamdart Highway, 40, Baku, AZ1037 Azerbaijan
Keywords: complex selective logging, thinning, natural regeneration, the preservation of the undergrowth, the intensity of logging, increase in stock, the Greater Caucasus, Azerbaijan


The results of complex selective logging conducted in beech-hornbeam tree stands on the northeastern slope of the Greater Caucasus are analyzed in the paper. Experiments were carried out in two forestry districts, involving beech stands, comprising 2–3 units, with 30° slopes, in beech forests with woodruff, fescue and forb forest types. It has been revealed that for recovering the main tree species, as well as for increasing productivity and sustainability of the beech–hornbeam tree stands, which was spread out in the northern exposures, 2–3 repetitions of complex selective logging are recommended. It is recommended that in order to increase the amount of beech in the tree stand composition to 6–8 units in young stands and to 4–6 units at the slopes of south exposures, to complete 3–4 thinning operations, with the increasing beech share to 4–5 units in the upper story and in the undergrowth.