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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2014 year, number 3

The Siberian Stone Pine Stands Near Settlements in Tomsk Region. Problems of Sustainable Forest Use

N. M. Debkov, A. M. Danchenko
National Research Tomsk State University, Prospekt Lenina, 36, Tomsk, 634050 Russian Federation
Keywords: the Siberian stone pine stands near settlements, problems of sustainable forest use, Tomsk region


A review of the Siberian stone pine stands' formation near settlements in Tomsk region is given in historical aspect. Their current status is described in detail. Age, tree species, and typological structure, as well as productivity and dynamics of forest inventory indices have been identified. Forest management practices in leased and non-leased Siberian stone pine stands have been analyzed. The ways and procedures for an expansion of the existing Siberian stone pine stands and creation of new Siberian stone pine forests near settlements is proposed.