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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2014 year, number 3

Development of Forest Population Biology and Biogeocenology in the Urals

S. N. Sannikov, N. S. Sannikova, I. V. Petrova, S. A. Shavnin
Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch, 8 Marta str., 202, Ekaterinburg, 620144 Russian Federation
Keywords: forest population biology, population, coniferous, biogeocenosis, microecosystem, genetics, microevolution, ecology, geography, Urals


The priority directions, concepts, approaches, methods and results of half a century investigations of forest genetics, ecology, geography and biogeocenology in the Ural school of population biology of woody plants are briefly discussed. The results of quantitative genetic-ecologic-geographical studies of the forests based on population approaches as well as main theoretic generalizations are presented, to assist possible interpretation and development of future investigations.