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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

2014 year, number 1

Differentiation of the Pinaceae Family Species in Forest Bog and Dry Land Ecosystems of Western Siberia

T.S. Sedelnikova
V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch
Academgorodok, 50/28, Krasnoyarsk, 660036 Russian Federation
Keywords: Pinaceae, wetlands, drylands, chromosomes, mutations, differentiation


Investigations of the processes of differentiation of five main forest-forming species of the Pinaceae family, growing in various types of wetlands and dry lands of Western Siberia, based on the analysis of population structure and morpho-physiological characteristics of the reproductive sphere, the number and morphology of chromosomes, features of nucleolar loci of chromosomes, chromosomal mutations, and abnormalities of mitosis are carried out. Divergence and isolation of wetland and dryland populations of Pinaceae species established on reproductive and cytogenetic traits are due to the different trends of natural selection in contrasting conditions of stands growth.