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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 3

Ethics of dignity аs a foundation of educational strategy

V. V. Kuznetsov
I. I. Mechnikov Northern-Western State Medical University, Kirochnaya str., 41, St. Petersburg, 191015, Russia
Keywords: ethics, honor, dignity, education, identity


The article is devoted to the problem of dignity of the person which is considered as a universal value. An attempt is made to separate the description of dignity as a phenomenon and as a category. In the article, the problems, bases and concepts of the ethics of dignity are analyzed. In this context, education is considered as a process of formation of the human image. Philosophy is a creation of concepts. These concepts are the unity of conceptual constructions and phenomena. Ideas, meanings, values are naturally created in the social and personal life of the human being. The creators of religions, philosophical geniuses actualize higher meanings, ideas. This is a science of childbirth, birth of values, meanings and ideas. The art of the teacher like Socrates is to help pupil to recall what already exist in his/her soul. The teacher does not create anything fundamentally new in the Platonic sense. In some sense, new knowledge exists in the heart of the student. The teacher helps the student to extract the ideas. The philosopher himself does not produce ideas, meanings, ideology, just as the TV does not produce an image, but only translates it. The purpose of philosophy is the formation of a unified total space of the intellectual, philosophical and literary. It is possible that Russia is completed as an ideocracy of high ideas and meanings. There is a complex combinatorics of power as an order of ideas and an order of desires. In the era of traditional culture, the order of ideas dominated over the order of desires through repression. Now, the order of desires and instincts dominates over the high order of ideas and meanings. «God’s death» has spawned sexual revolution, the death of the subject, author, dominance of manipulative technologies over the repressive power technologies. There has been formed a new type of political domination, manipulation of consciousness. The danger of moral corruption in Russia is even worse than the danger of persecution and direct aggression. Now the goal of philosophy should be new constituting of the total intellectual and literary space. It is the problematic of dignity that can become a core of designing the space of our consciousness which is broken now.