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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 3

The system of education in the process of ensuring national security of the developed and developing states

E. F. Moros
St. Petersburg University of state fire service of the Ministry of emergency situations, Str. North, 1, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, 662971, Russia
Keywords: education system, science, culture, ensuring national security, state development, national values


The theory of national security is based on the classical canons of philosophical culture, on its main achievements that are always theoretical, methodological and praxeological basis in all spheres of human activity. In the foundation of existence and development of society there lies the realization by it the fundamental forces, which is the basic needs, interests and productive forces. The process of their realization conditions a certain selective attitude to the world around, which is determined by the significance of differences of means and conditions of its existence and steady development. Focusing on national security issues, it may be noted that the prevailing trend in the process of building a legal state must be changing of the vector from the state security towards the public safety. This attitude is oriented to the real conditions. On the basis of common interests the society defines the objectives of its activities, which are ideal reality of realization its productive forces. The process of achieving these goals is accompanied by the search for adequate means which society finds in actual conditions. Therefore, we can infer a condition called security only from the real state of society. This beginning underlies the basis of understanding of the national security phenomenon. Presently, the ensuring of national security is inconceivable without qualified personnel, because technological security is impossible without staffing and scientific development; the security of social development is inconceivable without education and science as fundamental bases; the environmental security is achievable on the basis of spiritual development and the formation of a new culture of survival. No social system, no country can develop normally without a system of values, so the nation, deprived of its values, turns into a crowd. One of the first places of the people’s value formation belongs to education. There is no doubt that the person must be in the center of considering a whole range of security issues, because it is his/her security that determines how close the level of security of the state and society to the acceptable parameters. Thus, the weight of each country in the world is measured primarily by category of educational level of its population.